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Proper Pipetting Guidelines

Consistency in all aspects of pipetting procedure will significantly contribute to optimum reproducibility. Be sure to use:

1. Consistent pickup/dispense rhythm while pipetting.
2. Consistent speed and smoothness when you press and release pushbutton.
3. Consistent pushbutton pressure at the first stop.
4. Consistent immersion depth.
5. Minimal angle (less than 20 degrees from vertical).

Prevent liquids from being drawn into the pipette shaft by taking the following precautions:

1. Never invert or lay pipette down if liquid is in the tip.
2. Pipette slowly, holding pipette less than 20 degrees from vertical.
3. For P-5000 and P-10ML model pipettes, use the special safety filters supplied.

Use proper tips:

1. Tips must seal properly on the shaft to assure an air-tight seal and avoid leaks or poor accuracy.
2. Tips must be soft and flexible so that the shaft is not scratched or worn prematurely.